Discovered Health benefits of fruits

Why should i eat fruits daily instead of taking soft drinks??

Well, here are some vital reasons we shouldn’t overlook..

Eating fruits can serve as appetizers. One can eat fruit in-between meals. fruits are always in higher nutrition side

Munching fruits is always better that gulping the juice so as not to miss out on the fibers

Fibrous fruits prevent heart disease, hypertension, myelitis, bowel disorders

1.            Reduce weight, lowers calories, aid maintain actual body weight

2.            Fibrous fruit reduced the risk of hypertension, anxiety, high blood pressure

3.            Prevents cancers

4.            Reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes

5.            High in energy (gives instant energy)

6.            Apple strengthens bones, digestion, controls cholesterol, curing eczema, losing weight

7.            Grapes aids in curing kidney disorder, fatigue, eye related problems, has some essential vitamin to keep your body function well

8.            Pearls are rich in Vit. C B2, they are hypoallergenic fruits, good swap for multivitamin capsules

9.            Berries, blue berries, cherries and black berries – fight cancer , protect the heart, prevent arthritis

               Cherries: controls Arthritis pain, cure arthritis naturally      Blue berries: control diabetes    Black berries: control diarrhea builds red blood cells

10.          Rich in antioxidants , mineral, vitamins, micro nutrients, boost body immunity

11.          Eating fruits high in potassium Reduce the risk of kidney stones

so.. make fruits you ally today to stay healthy and fit.

Gladys Benson

Gladys Benson

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