Davido’s First Introduction ceremony; Davido finally getting married to Chioma

Just as the rumour have it; Chioma the popularly known chefchi is expecting a baby.. goodnews…

Some will say, she is a fool for not securing the ring before getting married… but what about all the investment Davido did on her? It is now obvious that Davido, the popular singer loves his girl ‘Chioma’ which he expressed from singing for her, buying her a very expensive car, jewelries, taking her round the world and showing her off..WOW…

Well finally, what everyone is waiting for is here…Davido has done is first introduction in Chioma’s family house at Lagos and soonest the wedding bell will ring…as he said come 2020..

No more Instagram show offs from Chioma as her face is looking bumping a result of pregnancy.

No more showing off her luscious body as she shows only her face to avoid attention to her waist.

Babies are God’s gift… and true love exist, just get the right person.

Presently Chioma is at Atlanta probably waiting for her baby shower and delivery..

Stay tuned for more updates

Gladys Benson

Gladys Benson

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