Hot Video of 17year old Regina daniels and 67year old husband

Regina Daniels now Regina Ned Nwoko, posted a video her telling everyone who was saying negatives about her and her husband to ‘F**k off…

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recently she did a video of her and her husband virtually playing and stated from one of her handles…”How many married women can say that their man gives them such attention and love” diddo.?

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Well, as people will always say, she married for money, some say she was charmed, others say she married to please her mum… whichever way, Regina Daniels, Nollywood actress is married.

Now, what happens to her Nollywood carrier? and the kind of roles she will have to now play since she is married and no longer acting for money. Obviously, no more romantic parts and Ned Nwoko will have to chop off someone’s head (lol).

Well, let us assume Regina is now happy… like really happy, deep down? we all hope so.

Stay tuned…

Gladys Benson

Gladys Benson

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