Beyonce Asked To Stop Singing

Giving her successful life story as the lead of the Destiny’s Child in the 90s till date, she is one of the world’s celebrated artiste.

For someone who is known all over the world, one Twitter user reaffirms that she did not relent until she achieved her status.

If you examine Beyoncé between 2003-2009, she was hustling. She was hungry. She was extremely determined and she was everywhere, marketing wise. You couldn’t escape her and she had the consistency to match that determination. You just don’t see that much now.

However, a fan got the attention of the Beehive community after the Twitter user @itsVee opined that the mother of three should step aside that others can shine.
Folk are gonna get mad at this but It’s almost about that time for Beyonce to pass the torch.

Passing the touch” is not entirely a bad idea especially if there is a lot of mentees and if you have become an iconic standard.

But with her performance at her tour and the Coachella which many termed Beychella (ahh, yes, the Beyonce effect), it is an entirely different matter.

Beyonce the icon

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