Truth hurts but the fact is some women don’t know how to use a bedroom. Seriously! They think a bedroom is just for sleeping, dreaming, waking up and sleeping again. Today we are going to discuss how to use a bedroom and I hope you will pay attention. If you want to sentence your husband to prison in your bedroom until the day he will grow old and eventually die, do the following:

1. Massage him while he lies down – As your man knocks off from work, he is tired and exhausted. When he reaches home, take off his jacket slowly, unbutton his shirt and remove it carefully, then pull off his trousers nicely and leave him only with his boxers. Now make him lie down on your bed and massage him for a good 20 minutes or an hour. Reward him with a glass of juice after your finished.
2. It is your job as a wife to buy him underwear -Don’t be shy or nervous, he is your husband given to you by God. That nice shaped body of his belongs to you and your body is his property. Make sure that he doesn’t buy any underclothes for himself but that you always do this. Always get him the newest, finest and original underwear. He also has a job to buy your panties accordingly.
3. Play nice, slow, romantic music when you’re just the two of you – Secular music, Gospel music, disco melodies and Zed beats can be played in the sitting room; that’s where they have their genuine place. But inside your bedroom you must enjoy some slow romantic tunes. This is not a sin. God wants you to enjoy your marriage here on earth. After all there will be no marriage in heaven, don’t forget this. Why should you play “Dununa Reverse” Rhumba and all those noise making songs in your bedroom? God forbid!
4. Touch your man – Yes touch him and don’t be shy. No one is going to see, you are just the two of you. Even men like to be touched and caressed by their women. So put your hands on his face, explore his head, his cheeks, his chest, his shoulders, play with his buttocks, and touch him in all those sensitive zones and let him scream. He will not beat you for doing so, so go ahead and enjoy it. He must not be the one always begging you to make love to you, beg him as many times as you can and put yourself in his shoes.
5. Make love to Him – I am not ashamed to say this; Do u know that God always watches you two undressing and kissing? Yes even Holy angels and demons look at you. So there is no need for you to feel embarrassed, this is a gift from God. Surprise him as he knocks off from work. Let him find the bed made and well decorated with you sitting there almost naked, waiting for him to arrive. God is glorified each time the two of you sleep together.
6. Who told you that you must do it on the bed every time? – Who cheated you? Which commandment enforces this in the Bible? Be creative and switch places. You can make love on the bed, on the floor, on the carpet, on a reed mat, on cushions or on the sofa, whilst bathing in the bathtub or even outside on the grass if you ate surrounded by a wall fence. Don’t you find the bed boring and tiresome sometimes? Please change paces, I beg you.
7. Which law makes it illegal to eat from your bedroom? – Why don’t you cook a special dish and serve it in the bedroom for the two of you to enjoy? Instead of eating on your own, feed him while he also feeds you. Keep doing this until the food is finished. Blindfold him and then put chocolates and biscuits in his mouth. Treat each other like babies and have lots of fun.
8. Why don’t you play puzzle, scrabble, chess, Word Games or watch Football and movies together? – Get a TV for the two of you. If you can’t afford one, there are a lot of games to play. Try hide and seek, crack jokes and laugh together. You’ll never forget these merry moments in your life. Enjoy every minute like its the last one. You’ll never regret it, I can assure you.
9. Decorate and Beautify your bedroom – Never let a housemaid or any other do this work

Gladys Benson

Gladys Benson

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